Real Estate/Loan Modification

Real Estate/Loan Modification

Brian Cullen and his team possess a broad base of legal Real Estate knowledge and experience that allows them to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

We have gotten 98% of our clients a Loan Modification with diligent work and follow through with the executives at Chase, Bank of America, Indymac, Ocwen and Wells Fargo and we have helped many clients achieve Short Sales.

Most of our clients are surprised when they are NOT asked to write a check after meeting with Brian for the first time. We firmly believe in getting compensated ONLY after we have accomplished the work we have agreed to in each phase of our agreement to either stop a foreclosure sale or gather all the documents for the loan modification to be presented. We offer this opportunity to ALL of our clients.

“After I paid money to four separate legal teams, I hired Brian Cullen and his staff. They were incredible! They never gave up! Brian was the first attorney to produce for me and my family. I am happy beyond words that the bank rescinded the foreclosure and reduced my principal almost $100,000!

I feel so sad that there seems to be no integrity anymore among the real estate community. Believe me, you can trust Brian and his team! They work hard and are quality people! Brian Cullen is the greatest!”

Stephanie Tenerelli

Law Offices of Brian Cullen are well known in our community for exemplifying the highest ethical standards a practice can offer. We also tailor our services to fit our individual client’s needs in order to maximize their chances to achieve the results they are looking for in the most reasonable, cost efficient, practical manner; giving full consideration to their goals and their consideration. We are well known for bringing a practical approach to the resolution of matters with a minimal amount of cost.

The firm’s litigation experience protects clients on either side of a dispute whether it is the landlord who needs to evict a defaulting tenant, or the tenant who is being wrongfully evicted, a lender foreclosing, or the party fighting a bank.

We provide clients with the information they need to make sound decisions and the legal representation they need to get results in negotiations and in court.

Brian Cullen was also the City Attorney for the City of Hesperia and represented the Code Enforcement Department in numerous cases. As a “high desert” property owner for several years, Brian’s viewpoint is unique and his perspective has developed expertise in the business world.

“I was contacted by Chicago Title Company who informed me that the title to my property was in dispute. I am 84 years old and I was being cheated out of my own property after spending time and hard work building a home in Kern County. Within months, Brian filed a lawsuit against the culprits and a reasonable resolution was accomplished. I am extremely happy and I would refer Brian to anyone who has a real estate issue.”

Joel Campbell

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